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Teacher Wish Lists


Teachers' Wish Lists

We are happy to announce our teachers have created their Amazon Wish lists. Please click on the links below if you would like to help our teachers purchase additional items for their classrooms. Purchase through your account and Saint Rose School will also be getting a percentage!
Make sure you send a gift note with your name!
Preschool Teachers
Little Dippers (2yo) ~ Mrs. Jeanine & Mrs. Leanne
Starlets (2yo) ~ Mrs. Lilly & Mrs. Jennifer 
Comets (3yo) ~ Mrs. Diane & Mrs. Lauren
Meteorites (3yo) ~ Mrs. Lisa & Miss Madeline
Star Cadets (PK) ~ Mrs. C & Miss Matthews 
Star Gazers (PK) ~ Mrs. Boller & Mrs. Catron


Elementary School Teachers
Miss Murphy ~ Kindergarten
Ms. Parton ~ Kindergarten
Mrs. Luscinski ~ 1st Grade
Mrs. Royal ~ 1st Grade
Mrs. Carney ~ 2nd Grade
Sister Anna Margaret ~ 2nd Grade
Mrs. Moore ~ 3rd Grade
Mrs. Smith ~ 3rd Grade
Mrs. Buckley ~ 4th Grade
Mrs. Lewis ~ 4th Grade
Sister Krista Marie ~ 5th Grade
Mrs. Vehr ~ 5th Grade
Mrs. Spurgeon ~ 6th Grade
Mrs. Truax ~ 6th Grade
Mrs. Klukowski ~ 7th Grade
Mrs. McLain ~ 7th Grade
Mrs. Menke ~ 8th Grade
Sister Delia Grace ~ 8th Grade
Special Teachers
Mrs. Bruser ~ Computer, Library, and Kindergarten Art
Mrs. Francescon ~ Physical Eduction
Mrs. Yarlett ~ 1st - 8th grade Art
Mrs. Senter ~ Spanish
Miss Skelton ~ Music & Music Appreciation
Mr. Wingruber ~ Band & Jazz Band