Application Timeline

The deadline for applications to receive priority status is in ​January.​ Applications may be submitted after this date, but the General Order of Acceptance Guidelines will not apply. Applications for admission will not be accepted if the concerned party is in violation of the Diocesan Policies or the adopted policies of Saint Rose School.

In order to maintain optimal class size, a waiting list may need to be established. In such cases, the list will be generated for each grade based on the admission criteria stated in this Admission Policy, with consideration given according to the date the application for admission was received.

Apply for Admissions

General Requirements for Initial Admission

  1. Completed application
  2. Non-refundable application fee
  3. Successful assessment by a Saint Rose staff member for a child entering Preschool - Kindergarten, or a school day visit and/or test for a child entering grades one through eight
  4. Interview with the principal
  5. Two teacher recommendations, test scores, and report card for students.

Upon acceptance, additional paperwork will be needed to complete one’s admissions file:

  • Signature Form
  • Birth certificate
  • Baptismal certificate for Catholic students
  • Family Financial Responsibility Form
  • Tennessee Immunization Record
  • Record release form signed to obtain records from the previous school. This includes special services, test scores, grades, and recommendations. The withholding of information may render the admission null and void.

Requirements for Admission of Current Students

The following should be returned to the school office by the specified date:

  • Intent to Return/On-line Reenrollment
  • $200 Family Tuition Deposit (per family)
  • Tuition Assistance application

Students or a family who are continually in violation of adopted school policy will be issued a letter of probation or non-acceptance at the discretion of the principal on the advice of the Academic Dean, in consultation with the faculty and with approval of the Pastor.