2022-2023 Saint Rose School Dismissal

Preschooler - no sibling in K-8

Enter from N. Tennessee Blvd. by the bocce court and proceed to the back of the school. Pull to the inner side of the school building and go all the way around the school. Please remain in your vehicle, teachers will walk your child to your car at which point you may get out to buckle your child into their carseat. Exit by turning right onto Stonewall or out of the school parking lot onto N. Tennessee Blvd. Dismissal begins at 2:40pm and students go to extended care at 3:00pm. Orange Car tag on driver side visor.

K-4th Grade with or without preschool sibling

Enter by bocce courts. Line will begin at the church mailbox and curve around the gym sidewalk to basketball goals. Additional lines will form in the lower parking lot parallel to basketball goals (1-7). When lines are full, begin another line. Pre-school parents will arrive by 3:00pm and walk to the JoCall room doors to get pre-school child and have child loaded prior to K- 4 children being dismissed at 3:05pm. Exit straight ahead on N. Tennessee Blvd. where the crossing guard is positioned. Yellow Car Tag on passenger side visor.

5th – 8th Grade with or without a sibling

Enter by bocce courts. Use right lane prior to 3:00pm arrival. Line will branch to two lines once you pass the school playground. If you have a preschooler, please arrive by 3:00pm and walk to get your child from the preschool entrance so they are loaded and ready prior to school dismissing at 3:05pm. K-8th children will load when instructed by dismissal staff. Blue Car Tag on driver side visor.

*If you have a preschooler and a sibling in elementary school, go to the line that your oldest sibling will be dismissed from. You will need to arrive by 3:00pm so they are loaded before elementary school dismissal. Preschool students will be taken to extended care at 3:00pm.

All preschool students will go to Extended Care at 3:00pm.

All elementary students will go to Extended Care at 3:25pm.

Saint Rose car line is a No Phone Zone.