First Grade Curriculum

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The math curriculum is guided by Math in Focus: Singapore Math by Marshall Cavendish as well as the Diocesean curriculum. Examples of the standards topics taught include addition and subtraction to one-hundred, properties of place value, data and graphing, time, money, measurement, and geometry.

  1. Clear, engaging visuals & materials that present concepts & model solutions
  2. Concepts are taught at a higher & deeper level
  3. Students learn the “why & how” through instruction, hands-on activities, and problem solving

Language Arts

The language arts curriculum follows the Diocean curriculum as well as the use of Saxon Phonics and Spelling. Examples of the standards topics taught include:

  1. Phonics and decoding skills
  2. Sight vocabulary words
  3. Sentences and punctuation
  4. Grammar usage
  5. Alphabetical order


Our religion curriculum is taught using Word of Life by the Augustine Institute. Examples of the standards topics taught include:

  1. Introduction to Bible stories
  2. Teaching of the Catholic faith
  3. Prayers and Adoration
  4. Forgiveness of sin
  5. Following Jesus’ teaching
  6. The Sacraments
  7. Children attend Mass weekly and on Holy Days

Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum is taught using the My World program by Pearson and CoreKnowledge History and Geography. Examples of the standards topics covered include:

  1. Citizenship and government
  2. Community
  3. Geography
  4. People and culture
  5. History


Our science curriculum is taught using ScienceFusion by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Examples of the standards topics covered include:

  1. Living and non-living things
  2. Habitats
  3. Plants and animals
  4. Life cycles and food chains
  5. Land, water and air
  6. Weather and seasons
  7. Matter, movement, sound
  8. Energy
  9. Outer space


Our handwriting curriculum is taught using Handwriting Without Tears by Learning Without Tears. Examples of the standards topics taught include:

  1. Child friendly materials for both right and left handedness
  2. Visual cues and correct models in each lesson
  3. Engaging videos that bring letters to life

Field Trips

First Graders experience opportunities to engage with real-world learning through several field trips during the course of the school year. Examples are:

  1. Local pumpkin patch to learn about farming and animals
  2. Local science museum to learn about astronomy, health, energy, machines, and sound
  3. Local university for music and arts