Preschool at Saint Rose of Lima

In 1992, Saint Rose Preschool opened to the public as an early learning program with extended care. The preschool is licensed to accommodate 112 children per day ranging in ages from two to five years.


Saint Rose Preschool maintains the philosophy that the family unit is fundamental in a child’s life. We recognize that some families need the availability of supportive services to strengthen their family, which will result in the enhancement of positive growth and development in young children. Saint Rose Preschool recognizes that the first five years of a child’s life are considered a critical period of growth and development. To reinforce that commitment, The Diocese of Nashville Pre K curriculum and the Tennessee Department of Education dictates that Saint Rose Preschool provide programs that are comprehensive and developmental in scope. Therefore, we recognize that it is essential to nurture a positive self-image in each child during these formative years.


  1. To provide a Catholic-based learning environment where activities and experiences enhance the individual child’s self-concept through positive reinforcement, genuine praise, opportunities for success, positive language feed-back, public praise and acknowledgment of children’s work.
  2. To promote self-expression and confidence in children by listening to children, giving children time to talk, teaching children respect for others and appropriate behavior, discussing differences in people with children, allowing children to display items from their own culture and allowing parents time to address a class in promoting knowledge.
  3. To support the family unit through consultation, education and informational services while being open to suggestions from parents in maintaining continuity with the family unit, and sharing with parents how Saint Rose Preschool handles situations while inquiring how the parent handles the same situations.
  4. To nurture a positive attitude and respect toward individuals outside the family unit in promoting an appreciation for all of God’s people while sharing multi-cultural diversity through pictures and story books depicting a wide variety of families and cultures and inviting foreign parents to share with students their cultural heritage.
  5. To enrich children’s desire to explore and learn about life around them through a wide variety of literature, art, conservation efforts for preservation of our environment and planned activities that focus on recycling.
  6. To develop in children the ability to listen and work toward accomplishing a common goal, while learning appropriate problem solving techniques.

If you have any other questions about us, our values, or our curriculum always feel free to reach out.