Second Grade Curriculum

Second grade is a Grace-filled year focused on preparing the students for First Reconciliation which is usually in January or February and First Holy Communion which is in May. These two Sacraments will sustain them throughout their lives and are not only taught in Religion class.

Another unique second grade opportunity related to First Holy Communion is a pilgrimage to The Cathedral of the Incarnation (our Bishop’s seat) and The Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia.

One of the students’ favorite activities is dressing up as a saint on November 1st, The Solemnity of All Saints. They get to process into the church at the beginning of Mass and then after Mass, give an oral presentation to the class about their chosen saint. Another favorite second grade activity is participating in the May Crowning which typically happens right after First Holy Communion. The children come to school dressed in their First Communion finery and process in at the beginning of Mass to act as the honor guard for the 8th graders to bring in flowers and a crown for our statue of Mary.


Our Religion curriculum strives to include the whole family in this Sacramental year. We use the Faith in Life series as well as Catechesis of The Good Shepherd to impart the truths of the Catholic faith to our students. Students are exposed to the great riches of Scripture and Tradition and encouraged to maintain a life-long relationship with Jesus.


Our math curriculum is taught using Math in Focus which is a Singapore based program and is highly rigorous. It develops mathematical higher-order thinking and this is consistently demonstrated on our standardized tests.

Reading and Writing

We encourage meaningful reading and writing engagement through the use of the Daily 5 method of literacy instruction. This facilitates independence as well as one on one instruction. Students are tested weekly on stories from the Open Court Basal reader but are encouraged to read and write on their individual level during Daily 5.


Another component of our literacy block and Daily 5 is the systematic teaching of phonetic rules using Saxon Phonics.


We use the Science Fusion series to teach basic concepts that are engaging and important for second graders to know. The students participate in at least one STEM experiment/activity per month where they work collaboratively in small groups. We alternate units of Science and Social Studies.

Social Studies

Saint Rose uses the My World Social Studies series to teach about our country, the world around us, traditions, and our history. We alternate units of Social Studies and Science.