Pre-Kindergarten Program

Our Nationally Accredited Pre-Kindergarten program uses a comprehensive curriculum that provides an opportunity for every child to succeed with a quality Catholic education that encompasses social skills, motor development, and academics in a Christ-centered environment.

We strive to model a Kindergarten Readiness program. “Readiness” is a term used to describe the mental and emotional disposition of a student in preparing for the next level of learning. Our teachers promote learning through exploration, transforming wonder into knowledge, and applying both problem solving and creative thinking skills.

Cognitive Development

Learning without Tears (Handwriting and Early Literacy)

  • Multi-sensory Materials
  • Developmentally Appropriate
  • Hands-on Scaffolded Learning
  • Consistently shown mastery of cognitive, fine-motor, and verbal skills

Singapore Math

  • All-inclusive curriculum focusing on intentional sequencing of concepts that are concrete, pictorial, and abstract that meets all types of learners
  • Math skills include, but not limited to number recognition, patterning, sequencing, graphing, ordinal numbers, and basic addition and subtraction

Social and Emotional Development

Our students are engaged in a variety of thematic units which foster communication, problem-solving, and language skills with peers. Social studies and science concepts are integrated within the themes.

Motor Development

Students enhance their fine and gross motor skills through various activities such as mixed art mediums, textile manipulatives, puzzles, and recreational play.

Pre-Kindergarten Daily Overview

7:30 - 8:0535Arrival/Morning Work/Table Toys
8:05 - 8:105Clean-Up
8:10 - 8:2010Morning Prayers
**Mass on Fridays 8:15-9:15**
8:20 - 8:4515Get Up and Move/Calendar
8:45 - 9:1025Language and Literacy
9:10 - 9:3525Math
9:35 - 10:3560Small Groups/Centers
10:40 - 11:1030Lunch in Cafeteria
11:10 - 11:3020Handwriting
11:30 - 12:1545Recess
12:15 - 12:3520Religion
12:35 - 12:4510Story Time
12:45 - 2:0075Rest Time
2:00 - 2:1010Snack/Check Out/Pack-Up
2:10 - 2:3020Daily Wrap Up
2:30 - 2:4515Clean Up and Enrichment

**Full-Time Students alternate Spanish, Computer, Library, and Music on Tuesday and Thursdays.