Tuition Assistance

In order to receive subsidy from Saint Rose Catholic Church, and therefore be eligible for the Participating Tuition Rate, the following requirements must be met:

  • Families must be registered members of a Catholic parish.
  • At least 1 parent/guardian and the student/s must be either baptized Catholic or must have received initiation into the Catholic Church.
  • Families must fulfill their Sunday Mass obligations on a weekly basis and on Holy Days of Obligation. Families must actively support the parish community to the best of their ability through time, talent, and treasure.
  • Families must use the parish envelope system or auto draft system to contribute to the parish “operating” fund on a regular and continuous basis.

Saint Rose utilizes FACTS as an outside service that provides financial aid assessment for school families. Tuition Assistance applications must be finalized online by the February due date.

How to Apply

FACTS Management, a division of Nelnet, Inc., makes quality education affordable for families and students, while supporting the financial stability of private and faith-based institutions.

One way we do this is through our Grant & Aid Assessment service, which allows schools to award financial aid with confidence to the families who truly need it. We work with schools to create a custom application for families, so FACTS can collect the financial data that matters. This way, your school will have the most accurate picture possible to make award decisions it can be proud of.

  • If you use FACTS Tuition Management, you may log in using the same credentials.
  • Fill out and submit your online application.
  • Submit all required supporting documents by uploading online.
  • Customer Care Representatives are available to assist you at 866.441.4637

Apply for Tuition Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the application process secure?
Yes. All documentation received is imaged upon receipt and then destroyed. Then, the application data becomes property of the applicable institution.

Does the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment process require a credit check?
No. FACTS does not require a credit check!

A nonrefundable $40.00 application fee to FACTS is required before your application will be submitted. For questions regarding tuition assistance please contact: