Music Curriculum

The music curriculum at Saint Rose School is aligned with the National Standards for Music Education which are centered on 3 pillars of the artistic process.


Students at Saint Rose create their own music through improvisation and composition. Students play on instruments as individuals as well as classroom-wide ensembles. Middle School students participate in the Country Music Hall of Fame’s songwriting program “Words and Music” to write their own songs.


Students need to perform for others, as singers and instrumentalists, as well as in their lives and careers. There are many opportunities for performance at Saint Rose:

  • 6-8 Christmas Concert
  • K-5 Nativity Christmas Program
  • Spring Choir and Recorder Concert
  • Fall, Winter, and Spring Band Concerts


Students will respond to music through listening, movement, and discussion. At Saint Rose we respond to music used in Mass, music from throughout history, and music from other cultures.