2021-2022 Saint Rose School Arrival

Preschool - with or without K-8 siblings

Enter by the Bocce Courts to the right of the gym or from Stonewall and drive to the preschool entrance in the back and park. Please bring your child into the preschool and take them to their classroom. If you have K-8 siblings they will walk to their classroom through the preschool doors. Preschool doors will lock at 8am and late students must enter through the main school office. Please drive to the right of the preschool when leaving in the morning and exit onto Stonewall or Middle Tennessee Blvd.

K-8 Students may:

  1. enter by the Saint Rose marquee, drive towards the gym sidewalk, follow around and stop at the mailbox. For safety precautions, students should only exit on the passenger side of the car, then exit onto N. Tennessee Blvd.
  2. Or enter by the Bocce court, drive to the end of the gym, let your children out on the passenger side and exit by the Bocce court.

K-4th Grade students will enter through the elementary school main doors.

5th through 8th grade students will enter through the middle school wing doors.

We will have the gym doors open for entrance during inclement weather