In the fall of 2019 Saint Rose added baseball to our list of sports. Our first group of boys played in some local tournaments and league. Baseball operates differently from our normal Saint Rose sports to where it is based on age, not grade. For example, a 13 and under team cannot have any players who turned 13 before May 1 (April 30 cutoff date).

If interested, we are looking for boys in the age range of 9-13 to sign-up to help in determining where we have the most in number to fill a team. Our goal is to have multiple teams where we could divide them into age brackets.  We could end up with just one team based on sign-ups.

Safety and a positive experience are important to us. So, we would avoid having a large number of 9-10 years olds having to play up in an age bracket just to accommodate one 13 year old or the have opposite situation based on the ages of the players. If we have a situation that could leave out a couple of the older or younger players to field a team in the best age bracket, our coaches will gladly work with parents to find them other potential teams that align with your son’s age.

Costs also run differently in baseball. Instead of a standard fee, the costs are based on the number of tournaments or league fees divided by the number of players on the team. We also add in some costs for uniform jerseys. Over time, we hope to find ways to offset these costs to where we can implement a standard fee.

All said, we encourage you to register your son by sending Bill Wright an email with your son’s name, date of birth, and the parents’ names and contact information. The coaches will follow-up with you to discuss more details.