Technology is a key aspect of both our teaching methods and student learning.

Today, differentiated instruction at Saint Rose Catholic School takes place in technology-infused classrooms. For our littlest learners, the preschool program features iPads; a school-wide portable Chromebook cart containing classroom a set of Chromebooks is available for our older students.

Students at Saint Rose use technology as a tool to enhance their learning and to help them express ideas, make inquiries, solve problems, and collaborate with others. All classrooms are equipped with projectors and virtual textbooks while many also have Hover Cams, iPads and Chromebooks. All students in grades 4th through 8th grades experience Google Classrooms where they receive assignments and collaborate with classmates virtually. In addition to regular classrooms, students visit our computer lab to explore and investigate.

Our technology department creates dynamic learning experiences. Students in grades 4-8 are invited to attend Drone Club where they learn to code drones that teach STEM and real world application. Our junior high students learn multiple coding languages which give them skills ranging from website building to data analysis.

Our students experience hands-on opportunities in digital learning, acquire knowledge about careers in technology and discover the fundamentals of computer science daily in the computer lab to prepare them for their futures.